1. PM : InfoAddict

INFO ADDICT : music by Loris Holland & Liam Dirlam
Lyrics by Loris Holland

Now available as a single on CD Baby

Automatic systematic net fanatic
Supersonic electronic telephonic
Problematic screenaholic catastrophic
Metabolic webaholic InfoAddict
InfoAddict InfoAddict (webaholic)
InfoAddict InfoAddict (its instamatic)
InfoAddict InfoAddict (screenaholic Viral panic)

Listen to the newsman, Mr information
Beware of Miss Information
She'll crawl up your firewall
up she's crawling to break down the wall

You see info is on a need to know basis --
But them people with blank faces
floating all around in your cloud
Leaving no traces, gaining access, Yes The fact is,
They can hack your server stack, track the info pack
Jack files,download tones to smart phones 
It's a cybermagical Viral panic, we're webaholics

We're online, binary shrine
The invisible sign of the times
I can even google google you check yahoo,
it's automatic, automatic, automatic, automatic

Automatic systematic netFanatic
Supersonic, electronic, telephonic
Problematic, screenaholic, catastrophic
Metabolic webaholic, InfoAddict 
InfoAddict,webaholic, InfoAddict, instamatic
InfoAddict, screenaholic, Its viral panic, cybermagic

(Addicted, addicted, addicted), Yes addicted
Remedy the curse of cyber thirst, look up (look)
Your eyes yes glued to the screenv
More megagigahertz boost your routine
The glitter of Facebook, Twitter, hooked by the cam of Instagram
Ev'rybody Blending depending on the Utube trending
Never ending search for the magical social capital
two thumbs texting, Hashtag the next thing, pending sending
Your posting, uploading, decoding, then downloading
Flying thru the sky on supersonic wifi

it's automatic, automatic, automatic, automatic
Automatic (I'm an Automatic)systematic netFanatic (netFanatic)
Supersonic,(Ooh)electronic, telephonic (with a telephonic problem)
Problematic, screenaholic catastrophic (A castastrophic webaholic)
Metabolic webaholic, (ooh)InfoAddict 
(I am a InfoAddict) webaholic
(InfoAddict), its instamatic
(InfoAddict), screenaholic 
Its viral panic cybermagic
webaholic, (The magic of cyber) its instamatic
(Hey) Screenaholic, viral panic, Cybermagic

No matter where you go man, what you know man, how you flow man
a cyberwink sync connects the network link
what restriction conviction can stop the infoAddiction
(addicted, addicted, addicted) Hey we're addicted
It was practical then tactical, now radical disconnection from natural affection
We connect to disconnect, people we neglect, binary defect
Disrespect and forget who protects us, now infected with a virus
(systems failing, systems failing), serious trash (systems failing) SYSTEMS CRASH
(system sy-sy-sy- system, system sy-sys…)

Automatic systematic net fanatic (oh)
Supersonic electronic telephonic (Information)
Problematic screenaholic (my addiction) catastrophic (oh)
Metabolic webaholic (yeah) InfoAddict
I'm an Info, info InfoAddict (webaholic) Oh oh oh oh yeah(its instamatic)
Yes I'm an info info infoAddict (Screenaholic, Viral Panic) Yes I need connection
Connect to disconnect connect, connect to disconnect connect
Connect to disconnect cybermagic

(Info, info InfoAddict) Ooh (Supersonic Electronic) we the world gone insane
(Info, info InfoAddict) Hey, I am a metabolic webaholic, infoAddict.
(Info, info InfoAddict) Look around infoAddiction(Its instamatic)
All you webaholics infoAddicts(Info, info InfoAddict) we're addicted to cybermagic (Cybermagic)

I said its Automatic systematic netfanatic (Hey yeah)
Supersonic, electronic, telephonic (Its Problematic)
Problematic, screenaholic, catastrophic (Catastrophic yeah)
Metabolic webaholic, InfoAddict 
I am an InfoAddict (Webaholic)

CREDITS Produced By Loris Holland & LiamDirlam
Lead vocals : Loris Holland
Background vocals : Loris Holland & Leslie Ming
Guitars: Evens Colas
Drum programming and Keyboards: Loris Holland & Liam Dirlam
Mixed by Ken Lewis